Ukraine, Kharkiv


Private research and production company “Turbocontrol” employs specialists with over 10 years experience in the development of measuring channels for turbines, compressors and other equipment.


The company’s main activity is development, production and implementation of measuring channels for linear and angular displacement, rotation frequency, pressure, flow, temperature, vibration and power network parameters control on power plants, metal, chemical, oil-refining, food factories etc.


Our devices work successfully on Zaporizhia, Rivne (Ukraine), Kola (Russia), Armenian nuclear power plants; Zuev, Zmiev, Starobeshev, Ladyjensk, Kurakhovo thermal power plants; Eurasian Energy Corporation; Dneprodzerzhinsk, Kremenchug, Chernigiv, Kharkiv, (Ukraine), Belgorod (Russia) heat stations, JSC “DneproAzot”, JSC “AzovStal”, JSC “Mittal Steel Krivoy Rog”, Nikopol ferroalloy plant, Khorol baby food cannery; Ostrog, Khrystynovka, Belyy Kolodets, Chapaevo (Ukraine), Ertil (Russia) sugar mills, etc.


This catalogue guides you through our production. Whatever are your requirements to the devices, we are at your service.


Our devices provide the control of different process and equipment parameters, such as axial shift, relative expansion, thermal expansion, rotation frequency, thermal expansion, temperature, shaft beat, power network parameters.


We introduce unique vector displacement sensors (VDP) of own design with high accuracy, which provide contactless control of displacement over wide temperature range.


Our turbine stage relative power determination devices are used for turbine destroy protection.


Devices contain relays, which able to switch alarm circuits.


Standard current output and RS-485 interface (MODBUS (RTU) protocol) enable integration in monitoring and SCADA systems.

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