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Private company Turbocontrol is engaged in measuring channels for linear and angular displacement, rotational frequency, pressure, temperature, vibration, electrical network parameters and other values development, production and implementation. Our devices and systems are successfully used on power stations (thermal, nuclear, hydro) and enterprises of oil refining, chemical, metallurgical, food and other industries.


September, 13, 2017

Some updates for our website! We added devices for electrical parameters measuring:

  • VA-01-TK for voltage measuring;
  • VA-02-TK for current measuring;
  • VA-03-TK for signal from instrumental shunt measuring.

July, 31, 2017

Some updates for our website: we added links to pdf descriptions for all devices and made catalog of our production, which can be downloaded via this link.

June 23, 2017

Here we go! We are pleased to announce the launch of English version of our website. Now we have following sections:

And we try to add rest of our devices and implemented projects as soon as possible.

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