Кабели соединительные КС.ТК
  • Designed for wiring inside turbine.
  • Complies with requirements of technical conditions TU 16-505.179-76.
  • Cables are tolerant to salt (sea) fog, fungus, solar radiation, oil fog under temperature up to 130 0C. 
  • Cables can be equipped with 2RM connectors of different versions, connectors with larger diameter of pins and gold-plated contacts.
  • Connectors are sealed with epoxy.
  • Connectors and lugs used  in the manufacture do not sustain combustion.
  • Can be used complete with the connecting wires PS.TK.


Technical specifications

Strand cross section 0.35 mm2
Number of strands 2, 4, 7, 12
Operating temperature range:


-50ºС …+180ºС

-70ºС …+200ºС

Minimum durability, years 15


Ordering designation

Connecting cable KS.TK-XXXX:

XXXX – code of cable drawing assigned by the company.

Specify when ordering:

  • cable length;
  • number of strands;
  • number of connectors;
  • connector type.