Измеритель боя, прогиба, эксцентриситета ИП-4-ТК
  • Measurement of  rotor deflection, eccentricity, relative radial shaft vibration in accordance with requirements of ISO 7919-1. 
  • Complies with requirements of technical conditions TU U 33.2-32436145-002:2008.
  • Listed in the State Register of Measurement Instruments of Ukraine. 
  • Compatible with inductive gap sensors.
  • Single or dual sensors connection.
  • Provides supply voltage for sensors.
  • Individual sensor calibration capability.
  • Ability to choose the algorithm for calculating the deflection and relative radial shaft vibration.
  • 2 NO relay outputs for signaling.
  • Interference and powerfailure faults protection.
  • Adjustable delay time for relay outputs.
  • Maximum value registration.
  • Programmable DC-current output 0..5, 0..20 or 4..20 mA.
  • Interface RS-485, protocol Modbus (RTU).
  • Five-digit green LED display with 20 mm symbol height.


Technical specifications

Measuring range, mm*


Frequency range, Hz, when measured:

  • rotor deflection
  • relative radial shaft vibration




Reduced measurement error, %


DC-current output error, mA


Supply voltage (depends on model)

220VAC 50Hz

Sensors supply voltage


Least significant digit value


Operating temperature range:

  • device
  • sensor


-25°С..+70°С or


Protection type (IP code):

  • device
  • sensor


Size (W×H×D), mm


* — depends on sensor type.

Eddy current displacement transducer manufactured by Vicont,  contactless inductive gap sensor manufactured by TURCK  or their analogs can be used as the sensor.


Scope of supply:

  • digital measuring device IP-4-TKХXХ:

ХXХ – supply voltage variants:

«24V» – 24 VDC;

no marking – 220 VAC 50Hz;

  • remote console for device setting up;
  • displacement transducers (option);
  • AC/DC converter 220VAC/24VDC (if 24VDC supply voltage variant is choosed).


Ordering designation

Linear and angular shift meter IK-1-TK-4.

Specify IP-4-TK model, type and quantity of displacement transducers when ordering.

ExampleLinear and angular shift meter IK-1-TK-4 composed of:

  • digital measuring device IP-4-TK-24V;
  • two contactless inductive gap sensors Bi10-Q14-LiU-V1141.