• Single-channel single-range device.
  • Continuous voltage measuring in single- or three-phases alternating current circuits.
  • Transformation coefficient setting for measuring voltage transformer.
  • Measured value displaying according to set coefficients in V or kV.
  • Voltage signal out of range diagnostic.
  • Different modifications by overall dimensions, indicator digits number and availability of RS-485 interface (Modbus RTU protocol).
  • LED green indicator with 14 or 20 mm symbols height.



Nominal voltage, V 100
Voltage range measuring, V 1..120
Reduced error, % ±0.5
Input resistance, kOhm, not less than 390

Devices withstand overload of 500% from nominal input signal during 1 min.

Baudrate (for modificaton with RS-485), kbps 9.6; 19.2; 38.4; 57.6; 115.2
Power supply 24VDC
Operating temperature range +5°С..+50°С
Dust and moisture protection (IP code) IP41

Overall dimensions (W×H×D), mm:

  • for modification VA-01-TK-K1-Y
  • for modification VA-01-TK-K2-Y, VA-01-TK-K3-Y





Ordering designation

Digital measuring device VA-01-TK-ХХY, where
ХX – housing type:

«K1» – device with 4-digits indicator with 20 mm symbol height and dimensions 95×47×120 mm;

«K2» – device with 3-digits indicator with 20 mm symbol height and dimensions  72×72×120 mm;

«K3» –  device with 4-digits indicator with 14 mm symbol height and dimensions 72×72×120 mm.

Y – interface RS-485 availability:

«1» – modification with RS-485 interface, Modbus RTU protocol;

no marking – modification without RS-485 interface.

Example. Digital measuring device VA-01-TK-K-1 – digital measuring device with 4-digits indicator with 20 mm symbol height and RS-485 interface.