Прибор измерительный цифровой IP-7-2-TK
  • Measuring pressure difference and determinates relative power of turbine stageRelative step power displaying in %.
  • Independent measurement and scaling of 2 current signals (different input and output range sensors are allowed).
  • Built-in source for sensor supply.
  • Two NO relays.
  • False alarms protection for noises and power failures.
  • Programmable DC-current output 0..5, 0..20 или 4..20 mA.
  • RS-485 interface, Modbus (RTU) protocol.
  • Five-digit green LED display with 20 mm symbol height.



Measuring inputs number 2
Input current signal ranges, mA 0..5; 0..20; 4..20
Relative stage power is defined by sum of two parameters, scaling and displaying in %.
Reduced errors of conversion input signals to indication, %, up to:

  • output signal 0..5 mA
  • output signal 0..20 mA, 4..20 mA



Reduced errors of conversion relative stage power to unified current output, mA, up to ±0,05
Напряжение питания в зависимости от исполнения ~220VAC 50Hz
Sensors voltage supply according to device voltage supply:

  • 220VAC
  • 24VDC



=(15..28) V
=(23±4) V

Input resistance, Ohm 120
Operating temperature range +5°С..+50°С
Protection type (IP code) IP41
Overall dimensions (W×H×D), mm 144×74×120

Scope of supply

  • digital measurin device IP-7-2-TK;
  • remote console for device setting up;
  • AC/DC converter ~220V/=24V (for modification with =24VDC voltage supply).


Ordering designation

Digital measuring deivece IP-7-2-TK-ХХХ, where 
ХХХ – power supply:

«24V» –24VDC;

no marking – 220VAC 50Hz.