• Contactless shaft rotational frequency transformation into voltage square wave sequence.
  • Output pulses amplitude is independent from rotation speed.
  • Wide measuring range: from one to hundreds of thousands rotations per minute.
  • Toothed wheels, grooves deepings and lugs in any ferromagnetic material can be taken as mark.
  • Sensor provides dynamic determination of operating threshold on every turning on which guarantees sensor operability for mark parameters changing during working.
  • Differential principle of operation exclude outer magnetic fields and machine vibration influence on rotational frequency to output pulses transformation precision. 
  • Orientation of sensor relatively mark – by wrench flats on sensor’s housing.
  • Different housing which are varying in size and thread pitch, can have built-in oil- or heat-resisting cable and/or ends with connector for external lines
  • Measured device – electronic tachometers TE-6K-TK-2-24V-D, TE-6K-TK, tachometric indicator TI-TK.



Switching frequency, Hz 0,05..10000
Working clearance, mm  0.1..2
Supply voltage (15..28)VDC
Load current, up to, mA 50
Operating temperature range +5°С..+100°С
Dust and moisture protection IP67
Housing thread



Housing length M12×1, mm




Housing length M24×1,5, mm



Ordering designation

Rotational frequency sensor DTK-1-МХXYYY, where
ХX – housing thread;
YYY – housing length, mm.

DTK-1-M12 sensors are produced in standard modification with 2 m built-in cable without connector, housing length can be choose from 50, 80 or 120 mm.

On the customer’s request sensor can be produced with non-standard parameters.