Индикатор тахометрический ТИ-ТК
  • Continuous measurement and indication of rotor or shaft rotational frequency of any mechanisms.
  • Compatible sensors (depends on indicator model):
    • contactless inductive switches with pulsed type signal from 8 to 30 VDC at 750 ohm load. Pulse width not less than 100 μs. Inductive sensors from TURCK can be used as a sensor;
    • magnetic inductive sensors with differential-mode output signal from 0.2 to 200 V at 4.4 kOhm load.
  • Interface RS-485, protocol Modbus (RTU).
  • Four-digit green LED display with 14 mm symbol height.
  • 20-segments LED bar graph display.


Technical specifications

Number of marks 1..130
Accuracy class 0.02
Supply voltage 24VDC
Operating temperature range +5°С..+50°С
Protection type (IP code) IP40
Size (W×H×D), mm 72×55×84


Ordering designation

Tachometric  indicator TI-TK-X:

X – input sensor type:

«1» – pulsed input (contactless inductive sensor);

«2» — differential input (magnetic inductive sensor).

Indicator is equipped with a remote console for device setting up.

Example. Tachometric indicator TI-TK-1 – tachometric indicator with pulsed input (contactless inductive sensor).