Панель индикации технологических параметров ПИ-ТК
  • Сollection, displaying and archiving data received from others devices via RS-485 interface (Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII protocol).
  • Automatic and manual displaying mode.
  • Sequentally displaying channels data in automatic mode.
  • Channel to display selection in manual mode.
  • LED indication for automatic mode (loop through the channels).
  • Buttons highlighting according to selected channel.
  • Up to 16 channels.
  • Remote display units BVI-TK-2 can be connected to channel which are not used in poll to display archived data.
  • Archive is saved to SD-card.
  • Nonvolatile real-time clock.
  • 5-digits LED indicator with 14mm symbol height.
  • Three archiving modes:
    • static – data is written periodically over time from settings;
    • dynamic – data is written if difference between current and previous value exceeds threshold value from settings;
    • emergency – data is written if error occurs or on relay operation.
  • Transferring and viewing archive on PC without SD-card ejecting can be done with special software (is supplied with device).
  • Set up via RS-485 or SD-card.



Buttons number according to indication panel modification:

  • PI-8-TK
  • PI-10-TK
  • PI-12-TK
  • PI-14-TK
  • PI-16-TK




Max channels number 16
Memory card type SD, micro SD
File system type FAT16
Archive files type csv
Baud rate, kbps 9,6; 19,2; 38,4; 57,6; 115,2
Power supply =24В
Operating temperature range +5°С..+50°С
Dust and moisture protection IP41
Data collection and archiving system example




Scope of supply:

  • multichannel logger MR-3-TK;
  • panel with 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 buttons;
  • AC/DC converter 220VAC/24VDC.

Multichannel logger and buttons are fasten to metal base, which size is determined by the customer requirements.


Ordering designation

Indication panel PI-ХХ-TK, where
ХХ – buttons number from variety 8, 10, 12, 14, 16.
Example. Indication panel PI-14-TK – indication panel PI-TK with 14 buttons and 2 free channels for remote indication units BVI-2-TK connecting.