Измеритель температуры ИП-6-ТК
  • Measurement and conversion of electrical signals generated by thermocouples, RTDs, bridge transducers, sensors with DC-current output.  
  • Three-wire or four-wire RTD connection.
  • Device conversion function – linear or square-root extracting.
  • 4 NO relay outputs for signaling.
  • Cold junction temperature compensation (internal sensor).
  • The configurable analog input.
  • Continuous sensor fault detection.
  • Programmable DC-current output 0..5, 0..20 or 4..20 mA.
  • Interface RS-485, protocol Modbus (RTU).
  • Five-digit green LED display with 20 mm symbol height.
  • Internal archive capacity – 15360 records.
  • Logging of measurement results and contingency situations with the possibility of subsequent transfer to a PC over RS-485 interface.


Technical specifications

Thermocouples K, L, S, B

  •  platinum (W100=1.3850 и W100=1.3910)
  •  copper (W100=1.4260 и W100=1.4280)

Pt50, Pt100, Pt500

Cu50, Cu100 

DC-current input signal range, mA 0..5; 0..20; 4..20
Bridge transducer input signal range, mV 0..75
Temperature measurement error (for thermocouples), °С:

  • L, K in the range of -150..0°С
  • L, K in the range of 0..800 (1300)°С
  • S, B


Temperature measurement error (for RTDs), °С ±(0.2·10-2·(t+273)+0.1)

Reduced DC-current signal measurement error, %:

  • for input signal range 0..5 mА
  • for input signal range 0..20, 4..20 mА


Reduced bridge transducer signal measurement error, %

DC-current output error, mA ±0.05
Least significant digit value 0.001; 0.01; 0.1; 1
Supply voltage (depends on model) 220VAC 50Hz
Operating temperature range +5°С..+50°С
Protection type (IP code) IP41
Size (W×H×D), mm 144×74×120


Scope of supply:

  • digital measuring device IP-6-TK;
  • remote console for device setting up;
  • AC/DC converter 220VAC/24VDC (if 24VDC supply voltage variant is choosed).


Ordering designation

Digital measuring device  IP-6-TK-XXX:

XXX – supply voltage variants:

«24V» – 24 VDC;

no marking – 220 VAC 50Hz.

Example. Digital measuring device IP-6-TK – single-channel digital device with configurable input, 220 VAC 50Hz supply voltage, single RS-485 interface, 4 relay outputs and DC-current output.