• Sensors signals continuous measurement according to settings and converting measured values to digital signal for transferring to SCADA
  • Support temperature sensors (resistance temperature detectors – RTD, thermocouples – TC), instrument shunts and sensors with unified current output.
  • 3- or 4-wire RTD connection.
  • Cold junction temperature compensation:
    • external sensor connecting;
    • internal sensor;
    • receiving from external meter over RS-485 interface, Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Input and output circuits are galvanic isolated.
  • Measuring data and alarms archive.
  • Archive max size – 32 Gb.
  • Archive reading via USB-flash or RS-485 interface.
  • 2 galvanic isolated RS-485 interfaces, Modbus RTU protocol.
  • LED indication of operating modes.
  • 4 NO relay.
  • Can be used in measurement and indication block BI-TK.
  • Setting up performs via RS-485 with special software (is supplied with transmitter).




K, L, S, B


  • platinum (W100=1,3850 and W100=1,3910)
  • copper (W100=1,4260 and W100=1,4280)

Pt50, Pt100, Pt500

Cu50, Cu100

Unified current input ranges, mA

0..5; 0..20; 4..20

Instrumental shunt range, mV

TC temperature measuring error, °С, up to:

  • K, L in -150..0°С range
  • K, L in 0..800 (1300)°С range
  • S
  • B



RTD temperature measuring absolute error, °С , up to ±(0.1·10-2·(t+273)+0.5)
Instrument shunts measuring reduced error, %, up to  ±0.5
Unified current signal measuring reduced error, %, up to ±0.25
Baud rate, kbps 9.6; 19.2; 38.4; 57.6; 115.2
Power supply 24VDC
Operating temperature range +5°С..+50°С
Dust and moisture protection IP40
Overall dimensions (W×H×D), mm 119×62×250

* – error increasing on 2,0 °С when internal sensor of cold junction temperature is used.


Ordering designation

Measuring multi-channel transmitter TK-6M-ХY, where

X – inputs count of certain type;

Y – input type:

  • RT – input for RTD (3- or 4-wired), TC or shunt connecting, 4 contacts;
  • TC – input for TC or shunt connecting, 2 contacts;
  • C – input for unified current signal connecting, 2 contacts;
  • CZZ – input for unified current signal connecting with sensor supply, 4 contacts, where
               ZZ – sensor voltage supply (V).

Can be supply with 220VAC/24VDC converter.

Total contacts number for measuring circuits connecting – 32.

Example. Measuring multi-channel transmitter TK-6M-14TC-1RT – transmitter with 14 thermocouple or shunt inputs and 1 universal input (RTD (3- or 4-wired), TC or shunt connecting).