Векторный датчик перемещения ВДП
  • Developed for replacement of widely applied differential-transformer sensors.
  • Can be used for measuring rotor’s axial shift, rotor’s differential expansion (axial growth), rotor deflection, case thermal expansion, valve position, servomotor stroke and other displacements.
  • Contactless conversion of collar linear displacement relative to the working surface of the VDP into three output electrical signals.
  • Produced for nominal collar thickness 8, 18, 24, 32, 140 mm.
  • Can be produced for any nominal collar thickness on request.
  • Listed in the State Register of Measurement Instruments of Ukraine as a part of meter IK-1-TK-1.
  • Complies with requirements of technical conditions TU U 33.2-32436145-002:2008.


Technical specifications

Measuring range L:

L=1.75×Dn, mm

where Dn – nominal collar thickness for sensor, mm.

When using the digital measuring device IP-1-TK it is allowed to use collars with unnominal thickness. For collars with thickness from Dn/2 to 2×Dn measuring range L:

L=1.5×Dn+(Dn – Du), mm

where Du – selected collar thickness, mm.

For collars with thickness more then 2×Dn measuring range L:

L=1.5×Dn, mm.

Linear displacement to electric signal conversion error, mm:

±(0.02×Dn+0,01×|Dn – Du|)

Operating temperature range


Operating temperature range for special make


VDP and collar rated clearance, mm*


Current consumption, mA


Supply voltage

7.5VAC 50Hz

Protection type (IP code)


Size (W×D×H), mm:

  • VDP-8-14
  • VDP-18-31
  • VDP-24-42-U
  • VDP-24-42, VDP-32-56
  • VDP-160-280






* – depends on the VDP model and collar type


Ordering designation

Vector displacement sensor VDPXXYYZQ:

XX – nominal collar thickness;

YY – measuring range using nominal thickness collar;

Z – VDP location relative to the turbine casing:

«P» – VDP connector is located at the top right or bottom left of the turbine casing;

«L» – VDP connector is located at the top left or bottom right of the turbine casing;

Q – VDP enclosure:

«U» – redundance enclosure;

no marking – standard enclosure.

Example . Vector displacement sensor VDP-2442-P-U  – VDP at redundance enclosure for collar with 24 mm nominal thickness, measuring range using nominal thickness collar 42 mm; acceptable collar thickness from 12 mm till 48 mm; VDP connector is located at the top right or bottom left of the turbine casing.