Генератор импульсов малогабаритный МИГ-1-ТК
  • Frequency signals generating for calibration of tachometers TE-6K-TK or compatible which use contactless inductive switches with pulsed type signal or magnetic inductive sensors.
  • Can be used for communication line between sensor and tachometer testing and tachometer functioning control in operation mode.
  • Inductive switches with pulsed type signal or magnetic inductive sensor signal imitation.
  • Possibility to choose five frequency values for user-defined list.
  • Generating frequency indication according to set marks count.



Marks count 1..130*
Output parameters according to modification:

  • MIG-1-TK-1:
    • signal type
    • amplitude
    • duration


  • MIG-1-TK-2, MIG-1-TK-3:
    • signal type
    • amplitude

voltage pulses

(Usupply-1) V

100 mks



variable polarity signal


Frequency range according to modification:

  • MIG-1-TK-1, MIG-1-TK-2
  • MIG-1-TK-3
0,14..6400** pulses/min
10k..250k**  pulses/min
Relative error frequency setting, %, up to ±0,005
Supply voltage (10..30)VDC
Operating temperature range +5°С .. +50°С
Dust and moisture protection IP40

* – pulse oscillator is producing with certain marks count from specific range. Marks count is set on production stage by customer’s request.
** – real output frequency is n times more than displaying frequency, where n – marks count.


Ordering designation

Pulse oscillator MIG-1-TK-ХY, where
Х – output type:

«1» – pulse output, contactless inductive switches with pulsed type signal sensors imitation;

«2» – differential output, magnetic inductive sensor imitation;

«3» – differential output with extended frequency range, magnetic inductive sensor imitation.

Y – marks count.

Example. Pulse oscillator MIG-1-TK-1-2 – pulse oscillator with  pulse output and two marks.